JUST IN: Judge Threatens Hunter Biden With Up To Six Months In Prison


Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, could face a potential jail sentence for a number of reasons. However, this threat has nothing to do with tax controversies or international business ventures. Instead, it revolves around child support payments for his daughter, Navy.

Hunter became involved in a legal dispute with Navy’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, as he sought to lower his child support obligations. Roberts claimed that Biden has failed to comply with a court order from May, which required him to provide financial information. Consequently, Judge Holly Lodge Meyer from Arkansas has summoned Biden to appear in court on July 10 and explain why he should not be held in contempt.

According to the court order, if Hunter Biden fails to appear as summoned, he risks being held in contempt. The consequences of contempt could include imprisonment for a period of up to six months, imposition of a fine, payment of up to $20,000 towards Roberts’ legal expenses, and the dismissal of Biden’s requests within the ongoing case.

In response to Biden’s request to reduce his payments, Roberts has requested the court to allow her daughter to carry the Biden name. She argues that the political influence associated with the name would benefit her daughter’s future. The court records suggest that Biden may be concealing the true state of his finances, which are under the judge’s scrutiny to determine his actual capacity to make payments.

In May, Hunter appeared in an Arkansas court to request a reduction in his monthly child support payments for his daughter with ex-stripper Lunden Roberts. Despite the claims of his high-priced lawyers that he was “too poor” to continue paying the $20,000 per month, the judge criticized them for withholding financial information and mandated the refiling of documents.

Roberts’ attorney contested that Biden was not transparent, particularly regarding the identities of art buyers and the value of his art pieces. Biden’s team cited confidentiality to prevent political influence, but the judge hinted that a subpoena could compel the gallery to reveal buyer identities and artwork prices.

The legal battle, which began with a paternity suit, has raised questions about Biden’s financial situation and transparency. Despite his claims of “substantial material change” in income, Roberts has argued that he is “living lavishly”, citing his world travels on Air Force One and hiring expensive attorneys.

The case escalated when Roberts requested the judge to jail Biden for refusing to provide his financial records. Biden’s lawyers argued that he was financially strained, had his Porsche repossessed, and was relying on support from Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris. The judge has ordered both parties to attend all future court hearings, with an emphasis on resolving the case swiftly. The ongoing case continues to focus attention on the Biden family’s finances.

It’s worth noting that Hunter was also the subject of a federal investigation into his taxes following the 2020 election. Many have alleged that his business dealings in Ukraine and China may involve offenses related to foreign lobbying or money laundering.

However, recent reports indicate that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who is overseeing the case, might be placing more emphasis on potential tax fraud and a potential false statement made on a federal gun form during Biden’s purchase of a revolver.


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