President Trump Makes Genius Legal Maneuver Against Alvin Bragg


I feel like President Trump is playing chess while most of the establishment plays checkers. …

In April, the 45th President of The United States filed a $500 million lawsuit against his former attorney— disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen.

Legal counsel for President Trump claimed that Cohen used the former President for ‘selfish gain’.

Lawyers for Cohen moved to immediately dismiss the suit.

According to star attorney Alan Dershowitz, filing that lawsuit might have been the best thing President Trump could have done to thwart Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

Dershowitz cites the fact that Cohen allegedly broke client-lawyer privilege, moreover, the discovery process of the lawsuit will no doubt shed light on both Cohen, himself, and Bragg’s case.

Take a look at these headlines and articles discussing the details of President Trump’s lawsuit against Cohen:

Conservative Brief quotes Dershowitz:

Dershowitz called Trump’s lawsuit against Cohen a “legitimate move” and one that should have been done.

“Good move. Good move. First of all, lawyers should not be violating lawyer-client privilege, number one.

Number two, he gets a discovery, if he survives a motion to dismiss, and he is going to be able to find out things the government wouldn’t turn over to him in a criminal trial.

Matt Couch discussed the lawsuit against Cohen in a podcast during April:

Daily Wire had more details on the lawsuit:

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, accuses Cohen of betraying the attorney-client relationship, improper enrichment, and spreading falsehoods.

The suit cites Cohen’s public statements, including in books, and says Cohen ignored “cease and desist” orders.

In addition to estimating more than $500 million in damages should the lawsuit be successful, the complaint seeks $74,000 subject to an allegedly “unlawful conversion and made via fraudulent misrepresentation” by Cohen, plus interest and other costs and expenses.


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