New Jersey Republican Politician Brutally Murdered Outside of Her Home


A 30-year-old Republican councilwoman from New Jersey was brutally and savagely gunned down in front of her house. She was in her car, trying desperately to escape some madman who was following her, and shooting wildly… but she was struck, and crashed her car and was pronounced dead on the scene. This was what the scene at her house looked like when police arrived.


The New York Post reported that community organizer Charlie Kratovil posted video of her SUV being towed away from the scene, and called it “a huge loss for the Sayreville community.”

“I personally knew her to be a very kind person and public servant. May she rest in peace.

Dwumfour had served the Borough of Sayreville since November 2021, when she ousted the sitting Democrat in a shock election win. She was not up for reelection until 2024.

Sayreville Mayor Victoria Kilpatrick said the whole community was “shocked and saddened by the loss.”

“Eunice was a dedicated member of our borough council who was truly committed to serve our residents. The fact she was taken from us by this despicable criminal act makes this incident all the more horrifying,” she wrote.

“Beyond her dedication to the community, I can share that she was a woman of deep faith and worked hard to integrate her strong Christian beliefs into her daily life as a person and community leader.

“On a personal note, I can’t adequately express my feelings of sorrow at the loss of a friend.”

Sayreville GOP chairperson Karen Bailey Bebert also sent her “sincerest condolences” to Dwumfour’s family.

“May God bring you peace and God rest her soul,” she said.

Dwumfour was also a member of Sayreville’s Human Relations Commission. Current member Mahesh Chitnis said she was “still processing the news.”

“I am shocked, scared and heartbroken,” she said of the fatal shooting just 300 feet from her own home.

“She was shot while returning back home. She was a woman full of life,” she said. “Eunice, rest in peace my friend…”

A joint Facebook page for detective Juan Rodriguez and Pastor Doctor Nelia Rodriguez — also members of the human relations commission — said they were “heartbroken” at the murder.

What a sad story. We are sending thoughts and prayers to this woman’s family.


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