Jill Biden: Asked “Where’s The Alcohol?” To Underage Kids


The video of Jill Biden that got the most attention during the state of the union address was when she was caught kissing second gentleman Doug Emhoff.

We covered it here:

What Jill Biden Did During SOTU Has Set The Internet On Fire…. And Not in a “Good Way”…

However, shortly after the state of the union concluded Jill Biden was seen on another video speaking to white house staffers and interns.

In the video Jill Biden asked staffers, interns and other guests who attended, “where’s the alcohol?’

One of the people in the room reportedly stated they were “underaged.”

Watch here:

Here was the internet’s response:

Trending Politics got the scoop too:

On Tuesday evening, Joe Biden gave his State of the Union Address where he slurred half the time.

When he wasn’t slurring his words, he was lying about how great his presidency has been.

After the address Jill Biden asked, “Did they bring alcohol in here?!”

She asked again, “No alcohol?”

One of the sheep in the audience then responded, “some of us are underage.”


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