What Jill Biden Did During SOTU Has Set The Internet On Fire…. And Not in a “Good Way”…


Jill Biden is a very odd “first lady.” She’s not at all likable. First off, she’s less of a “first lady” and more like the “first nursemaid.”

And that squeaky-voice/cutesy persona she puts on actually masks a power-crazed woman who would sell her totally confused and senile husband to the highest bidder and watch him make a fool of himself on the world stage, without batting a single eyelash. That’s cold. That’s sociopathic behavior. And besides all that, she also does some really strange things as well. She dresses like a Madonna/hooker-wannabe at like 70+ years old, she calls Hispanics “breakfast tacos” and now, she’s practically making-out with Kamala’s husband on camera.

Jill Biden grossed out America and probably the entire world, when she and Kamala’s husband shared a really weird and disgusting kiss on the mouth at the SOTU.

Newsweek reported that Twitter and TikTok were full of people discussing the clip. On the latter platform, some had already edited it into a meme, adding the soundtrack “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye for the moment they kiss. Sharing the clip on Twitter, reporter Cabot Phillips wrote, “Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff greet each other with… a kiss on the lips? Is this… normal?”

The video has gained over 470,000 views as the consensus in the comment section of his post was that it was “not normal,” while others piled in with jokes.

No, it’s not normal, and everyone knows it.


Sure, the photo makes it look a lot more passionate than it was… but still, just, yuk…and why would you do that?

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Once a home wrecker, always a home wrecker”

“Why are the Bidens so weird?”

“I am happy people find some entertainment in this circus, if not, we’ll cry or get too angry”

“The husband and I immediately turned to each other and asked “did that just happen?” Jumped on to Twitter to see if anyone else saw!!”

“This sh*t isn’t normal.”

“Jill hates Kamala, was this is a way to piss her off?”

“Why is Alice Cooper kissing Kamala’s husband?”

“Well Kamala slept with a married man so this is KARMA”

“He looked into it, which is really making me sick to my stomach”

There is something really “off” about that whole Biden clan. They are one really creepy and messed up family.


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