[VIDEO] Whoops! Frazzled Paul Ryan Just Accidentally Gave Trump Biggest and Best Endorsement Ever…


One thing I’ve noticed is that a most elites are utterly clueless. And it’s no wonder, they’ve been sheltered by their “people” and basically live in a protected bubble of sorts.

And what else is very interesting is that up until social really blew up, elites and celebrities were able to keep their reputations fairly in tact. But now that social media is the main focus of life, elites and celebs are exposed to pretty much “everyone” and they’re realizing that nobody actually likes them. The bubble has been popped.

But even still, these are just narcissistic, self-absorbed dinks, and despite the ridicule they now regularly receive, they still have an inflated sense of ego… and nowhere was that on grander display than with globalist and chief RINO Paul Ryan – the guy who did everything he could to sabotage Trump’s agenda while he was Speaker of The House.

Paul Ryan, who is probably one of the most loathed and despised of all RINOs, declared that he’s a DeSantis guy. Ron is at the very top of Paul’s list of 2024 hopefuls. That’s pretty scary.

Early on, Paul also declared that he was 100 percent sure that Trump would NOT be the 2024 nominee. He said that the GOP had moved on from Trump.

Wrong. No we didn’t. Not even close.

But now, Paul is back to being paranoid that Trump will be the nominee (he will). So, he’s out there trying to shake things up, and in doing so, he just accidentally gave Trump the biggest and best endorsement ever…

Paul says if Trump wins the nomination, he won’t attend the RNC convention…

Really? Well, I can’t think of a better reason to make sure Trump wins in a historic landslide, can you?

You can watch the video below:

It’s pretty scary to think that this traitor and his buddies are backing Ron DeSantis’ fight against Trump.

It’s the only hope they have to take down Trump and MAGA once and for all, so the establishment has gone all-in on Ron. It’s actually a good plan – probably their best one yet – but people aren’t stupid, we can see what’s going on here and we won’t fall for it.

Get ready to stay home, Paul, because Trump will be the nominee.


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