Well, We Now Know The Reason Why O’Keefe Has Been Dead Silent… and it’s Not Good


There has been some panic and worry going on over what’s happening at Project Veritas and the attempted coup against James O’Keefe.

People were getting really scared and nervous because we haven’t heard a peep from James O’Keefe. Nothing. It’s been radio silence, and nobody could figure out what was going on. Many are worried that he wasn’t “okay” and wanted some sign of life. Well, we didn’t get that. We still haven’t heard from James directly, but we now have a better understanding about what’s possibly going on…

Here’s what Jack Posobiec said in a tweet: “UPDATE: The Veritas board’s action details include that James O’Keefe will be on leave for at least 2 weeks, and that he cannot speak publicly about the situation”

“I had a thought this morning and I don’t know what their contracts look like, so speculation but what if putting him on leave long term essentially acts as a way to keep him from talking. Not letting him go, just on lock down.”

“Undercover video dropping in two weeks”

“But that doesn’t mean he can’t have a lawyer speak for him. Plus the lawyers that represent the big donors are free to speak as well. James will not be kept down. It’s been tried before, and failed every time. He’s doing the Lord’s work, and it will not be stopped.”

“If James O’Keefe sets up a new company tomorrow, all will follow.”

“The board has done more with this action to permanently damage PV than anything James could have done. I don’t know anyone who would go back to them now. The mere fact they are making this a punishment rather than a professional separation says they are manipulative and demeaning. I’m done for good. I’ll follow James elsewhere, but I’m never going back.”

“Let’s all chip in so James can buy out PV”

“Unfollowed veritas and won’t support them unless O’Keefe returns”

“If James goes, we all go! “

“James pulled a trump and let people in who were on team Romney”

“They want the people to back off and then forget all about it, so they can finish their dirty work without so much negative attention.”

“It’s so absurd that he has to listen to a board of people who have done nothing, who couldn’t hold a candle to what he’s done for this country.”

Great comment from Bannon:

Jack is also reporting that Steve Wynn has contacted the board of Project Veritas in support of O’Keefe.

Let this be a lesson to everyone…never let snakes in. They always show their true colors, be aware of the “signs” and “red flags” and always remember, leopards never change their spots.

Never, ever…


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