WOW! Senator Rand Paul Reveals U.S. Must Borrow from Communist China to Deliver On Massive Aid Package for Ukraine


Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed to Breitbart news that in order to supply Ukraine with $40 billion in aid, the U.S. has to borrow the money from China.

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Breitbart News Daily presenter Alex Marlow met with Senator Paul as proposal to give $40 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine is being debated in Congress – despite widespread food scarcity and dangerously high inflation in the United States.

Paul has acted to “single-handedly” stymie the Ukraine package, pushing for an inspector general to verify that billions of dollars are spent properly.

Although many Republicans and Democrats supported having an inspector general oversee the tens of billions of dollars in Ukraine aid, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) urged senators away from Paul’s proposal because the inspector general would be “ruthless” with the spending.

Paul believes that having a “zealous protector” of the taxpayers’ money is a good idea.

Paul also stated that America will have to continue borrowing from China in order to pay for the Ukraine aid package.

“I think it’s crucial to understand that we don’t have any money to contribute and must borrow money from Communist China to transfer to Ukraine.” And I believe most people understand that, and many Republicans would say that when it’s a new social program, but when it’s military aid to a nation, they’re like, we can borrow that, it’s a justifiable borrowing, “Paul told Breitbart’s host.

Paul was one of 11 Senate Republicans who voted against moving the Ukraine aid package forward.

According to Paul, Republicans who voted in favor of the package added to America’s deficit, undermining their argument that President Brain-Dead Biden is exclusively responsible for the administration’s massive inflation.

“The difficulty is that it all leads to inflation, so it sort of hampers the Republican argument that Biden’s spending and Biden’s debt lead to inflation, except when it’s bipartisan spending, which doesn’t really count,” the Kentucky senator remarked.

Republicans and Democrats contributed almost $100 billion in new debt by granting direct subsidies to semiconductor businesses and enlarging the National Science Foundation, one of Washington’s most inefficient entities.

Many Republicans, according to Paul, are now lined up to provide $48 billion in coronavirus relief to eateries, despite the fact that most coronavirus lockdowns have been lifted for at least a year.

Marlow questioned why, despite sounding rhetorically similar to Paul, so many Republicans vote to borrow from Communist China to transfer money to Ukraine.

According to Paul, the “bipartisan consensus” is for Republicans to support for increasing military spending while Democrats raise social welfare spending.

“This is the current bipartisan consensus on Ukraine.” Republican and Democratic leadership are identical. As a result, they get together. But it’s guns and butter; if you look at the $40 billion, it’s a lot of firearms, but in order to obtain the gun, they had to give out a lot of butter, and so there’s a lot of expenditure going to European nations for food all over the world,” Paul explained.

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“What we’ve done is handed away the land to make ourselves weaker,” he remarked.

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