Joe Biden’s Brain Breaks During Remarks in Philly (VIDEO)


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Friday delivered remarks on the US economy from the Belmont Water Treatment Center in Philadelphia.

Biden was having trouble speaking during his remarks.

His cognitive decline is rapidly accelerating.

This is one of the many reasons China is currently flying a spy balloon over the United States without fear of reprisal.

The Pentagon is refusing to shoot down the high-altitude surveillance balloon.

Chinese spy balloon

Biden struggled to speak as he touted January’s cooked jobs numbers.


This is the guy who is in charge of securing US airspace which is why a Chinese spy balloon is making its way across the country.

Biden has repeatedly dodged questions about the Chinese spy balloon.

A Pentagon spokesperson on Friday told reporters that the China spy balloon flying over the United States is a “maneuverable craft” but refused to say whether China is controlling the balloon’s movements or how the balloon is moving.


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