JUST IN: Kentucky Bank Shooter Shared Anti-Trump Content on Reddit


On Monday, 25-year old Connor Sturgeon shot and killed five people at a Louisville, Kentucky bank after he was fired from his job at the bank.

As previously reported, the shooter identified as a he/him on his LinkedIn profile and had posted chilling messages on his Instagram profile just hours before the attack. It has since been revealed that Sturgeon posted anti-Trump messages and pro-lockdown posts on Reddit.

“This moron,” he had said while talking about Fox News host Tucker Carlson. See post below:

He also shared anti-Trump memes including one accusing former President Trump of being a racist. See below:

“Wow! How did you get like that,” the small character in the meme asked the muscular character.

“Every time Trump tweets some racist sh*t,” he responds. “I do one push-up,” the character continued.

Check out his pro-COVID lockdown post:

One post said: “Seeing the entire internet plan a raid on Aera 51 instead of ICE detention centers,” which had a character stating, “We were on the verge of greatness. We were this close.”

“Trump retreats to Alabama, just so he can finally be cheered at a sporting event. lol, what a frail pathetic thin-skinned loser,” said one meme. Sturgeon wrote “I’ll be doing my part to make sure it is not the warm response he’s looking for.”

According to those close to Sturgeon, he had shared chilling messages on his Instagram just before the shooting.



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