JUST IN: Ron DeSantis Involved In Car Accident


Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was involved in a car accident early Tuesday morning while on the campaign trail in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Despite the scare, the governor and his team appear to be doing fine.

DeSantis, who was in town for a fundraiser sponsored by local Republican supporters, was unhurt in the collision according to a statement by his spokesperson given to Fox News.

“This morning, the governor was in a car accident while traveling to an event in Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Press Secretary Bryan Griffin told Fox News in a statement. “He and his team are uninjured.

“We appreciate the prayers and well wishes of the nation for his continued protection while on the campaign trail,” Griffin added.

Governor DeSantis will go head-to-head with former President Donald Trump and fellow Republican rivals on Tennessee’s GOP primary election, set to be held March 5th, 2024 as part of Super Tuesday. The winner-take-most scenario offers the potential of up to 58 delegates for the Republican National Convention.

The scary incident occurred less than a month before the first debate among Republicans, set to be held on August 25th in Milwaukee. Governor DeSantis has trailed President Trump in the polls badly since the poor start to his presidential campaign, and his advisors in recent days have emphasized that a reset will see his staff headcount reduced and a pullback in planned TV advertising in early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

As the Florida governor’s stock has fallen, rivals like businessman Vivek Ramaswamy have filled the void as he closes in on DeSantis in some polling. Since President Trump’s first criminal indictment by the Manhattan district attorney, Republicans have largely rallied behind the former president as they remain suspicious of a two-tiered justice system that spares Hunter Biden prison time while elevating felony counts against Trump. Even rivals have jumped to the former president’s side, with Ramaswamy leading a call for all Republican presidential candidates to pardon Trump of all crimes should any one of them be elected.

President Joe Biden’s latest polling puts him in a better position to face Governor DeSantis, who still trails the president while President Trump has begun to eclipse the incumbent in polls that have left liberal prognosticators stunned.


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