JUST IN: Trump Co-Defendant Flips…


Scott Hall just became the first of 19 defendants in the Fulton County RICO case to enter a guilty plea.

According to sources, Hall took a plea deal and will reportedly testify on behalf of the prosecution in exchange for five years of probation.

It remains to be seen whether Hall successfully completes and adheres to the terms laid out by the Fulton County prosecutor’s office.

President Trump has also yet to comment on the recent development.

Evo Central News provided a picture of Hall’s mugshot and echoed the mainstream headlines.

Axios outlined some of the other terms of Hall’s plea deal:

He agreed to testify truthfully, pay a $5,000 fine, serve 200 community service hours and a ban on activities relating to polling and election administration.

He also “recorded a statement for prosecutors and pledged to pen a letter of apology to Georgia voters.”

Leftists viewed this as a positive development and celebrated the fact that Hall took a plea deal working with Fulton County prosecutors.

NBC News outlined the charges against Hall:

In the indictment, Hall was charged with numerous felony counts: violation of the Georgia RICO Act; two counts of conspiracy to commit election fraud; conspiracy to commit computer theft; conspiracy to commit computer trespass; conspiracy to commit computer invasion of privacy; and conspiracy to defraud the state.


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