Kari Lake: “They Tried To Bribe Me!”


Patrick Bet-David delivered again with an incredible 2-hour interview with the one and only, Kari Lake.

Lake delivered too.

She was on point, strong, thoughtful, powerful, and she displayed the type of leadership and toughness I have only other seen in Trump.

Lake is infinitely stronger and smarter than Ron DeSantis, but that’s not a tough bar.

Lake proved in this interview that she’s even stronger and tougher than we previously thought.

She made clear she is not a politician and doesn’t care about building a political career.

That might come along the way, but what she cares about is saving this country and exposing the election fraud.

Because without that, it doesn’t matter how much fame or money you have if you don’t live in a free and open country.

But it was about halfway through this podcast when the real bombshell hit….

When pressed about what really motivates her, Lake opened up and disclosed she was bribed by “powerful people back East”…apparently referring to D.C.

It’s an incredible story, watch the short clip here:

And for the FULL interview you can watch that right here:

I’ve said it all along….

We need Trump back for his second term (or more depending on what credit he might get for having certain years stolen), and then we need Lake for the next 8 years.

And most importantly, we need her in as Trump’s VP so she can get a 4-year headstart on the learning curve.

Even Donald Trump himself had a very steep and very tough learning curve in his first 4 years taking on The Swamp.

We need to shorten that for Lake, and the only way to do that is to get her in for 4 years as VP.

Doing so also keeps Ron DeSantis far away from the White House for at least the next 12 years following 2024, and I like that.


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