Koch Brothers Make Decision To Move Away From Trump In 2024 GOP Presidential Primary Process


According to a letter posted on Sunday, a political advocacy group supported by billionaire businessman Charles Koch is getting ready to participate in the presidential primary process for the year 2024. The group claimed it wants to support a candidate who could “guide the country forward.”

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), an organization that has never endorsed a presidential candidate, stated in the memo that having a president in 2025 who “represents a new chapter” would be beneficial for the nation.

The email, written by AFP Chief Executive Emily Seidel and distributed to activists and staff, urged them to “create a new chapter” and “turn the page on the past.” It did not specifically mention either incumbent President Joe Biden or his predecessor Donald Trump.

The message stated, “Here’s the brutal truth as I see it.” “The Republican Party is nominating poor candidates who support policies at odds with fundamental American values. They are being rejected by the American people.

This is becoming more and more of a political opportunity for the Democratic Party. And in response, they’re implementing ever-more severe policies. This indicates that both parties are exacerbating one other’s bad behavior, sending the nation into a downward spiral.

No one is better positioned to engage and mobilize people across those states, according to the group, which has advocated for lower taxes, less regulation, and free trade. The group repeated its presence in important states.

The former president Trump is the only Republican candidate who has officially declared, while former South Carolina GOP Gov. Nikki Haley is anticipated to launch her nomination campaign this month.


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