MAGA Congressman Announces Witness Testimony For Trump In Key Trial


Representative Troy Nehls has announced on X that we will be providing witness testimony in the Colorado trial that argues that President Trump should be removed from the state ballot.

The lawsuit against President Trump states that President Trump allegedly incited an insurrection on Jan. 6, which would disqualify him from being placed on the ballot.

Rep. Nehsl is a MAGA enthusiast and a proud supporter of President Trump.

Just look what he posted on X yesterday!

Here is the Tweet that showed Rep. Nehls announcing his support of President Trump in the courtroom:

The Washington Post shares more on the Colorado trial:

At a historic hearing Monday, attorneys for a group of voters argued that former president Donald Trump should not appear on Coloradoballots next year because, they contend, he fomented an insurrection and is barred by the U.S. Constitution from running again. Trump’s attorneys disputed those claims and said voters — not judges — should decide whether he deserves another term.

The first day of the hearing, which is expected to last a week, featured an exhaustive retelling of what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, by a Democratic lawmaker who had to evacuate and two police officers who tried to stop the rioters. Both officers said they feared for their lives, and one described the assault on the Capitol as a “terrorist attack.”

The case is part of an interlocking set of legal challenges across the country seeking to remove Trump from the ballot under a section of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment that was meant to ensure supporters of the Confederacy did not gain office after the Civil War. The efforts have divided legal scholars on whether the provision can be invoked against Trump, but most acknowledge that these challenges are unlikely to succeed.

“This was an insurrection that Trump led,” attorney Eric Olson said in his opening statement. “As we’ve seen, he summoned and organized the mob. He gave the mob a common purpose — to disrupt [Vice President] Mike Pence’s certification of the election.”

These lunatics will never let down what happened on Jan. 6.

Not to mention, realize that President Trump did NOT incite anything on that day.

This is such a pathetic attempt to try and prevent President Trump from running in the election.

It’s not going to succeed.

It’s just so these Democrats can get a kick out of forcing President Trump into multiple trials.

CNN shares some key takeaways on the Colorado trial:

Trump lawyer Scott Gessler, a former Colorado secretary of state, blasted the proceedings and said the case was “weak,” “anti-democratic” and relied on “fringe” theories. He urged Colorado District Judge Sarah Wallace to not “interfere” with the 2024 election removing Trump from the ballot.

“This court should not interfere with that fundamental value – that rule of democracy. It’s the people who get to decide, and this lawsuit seeks to cancel that principle,” Gessler said.

A key part of Trump’s defense is that the January 6 insurrection was not actually an insurrection, as envisioned by the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in response to the full-blown rebellion that occurred during the Civil War.

“When it comes to decide as to who should lead our nation, it’s the people of the United States of America that gets to make those decisions, not six voters in Colorado,” Gessler said, referring to the plaintiffs.

President Trump’s lawyers make a great point that the Jan. 6 “insurrection” was not an insurrection.

A riot?


Does anyone honestly think that the people who were in D.C. that day were seeking to overthrow the government?

Get real people.


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