Mark Levin Makes Strong Case: ‘Hillary Clinton Should Be In Prison for Her Entire Life’


Fox News host Mark Levin has accused Democrat President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) of abusing the system by operating with a partisan double standard.

As Levin notes, President Donald Trump is facing prosecution but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not.

“So what did Hillary Clinton do?” he said on his Fox News show “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“She walks the country free.

“She’s giggling all over the place.

“She’s getting into friendly media.

“She’s laughing about all these indictments.

“Hillary Clinton should be in prison for her entire life.

“She destroyed over 30,000 emails,” Levin noted as he laid out his case.

“They destroyed their cell phones.

“Nobody was dragged in front of a grand jury.

“There was no search of her home for any other service or information.

“She did an interview.

“Her staff was permitted to be there.

“Her lawyers represented to be there.

“Her lawyers destroyed this information based on header information, not substantive information.

“And she escaped.

“And the Presidential Records Act that applies to Trump, which gives the president authority over documents like no other official in the government.

“Including a secretary of state or an ex-secretary of state.

“She didn’t have that defense.

“She didn’t have that statute.

“Trump has that,” he said.

“And yet he’s charged with 40 counts and he’s charged with a total of 91 counts from these three prosecutors.”



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