Michael Cohen Is In Hot Water…


How is it that Michael Cohen can’t stay off the news?

The former attorney is no longer an attorney, he doesn’t hold office, and he doesn’t have any unique or noteworthy skills—what is the point of Michael Cohen? Why is he always there in the background?

His only purpose is to serve as a thorn in the side of President Trump. That’s it, that’s why he still dresses up professionally for work every day—he’s a professional agitator.

As part of that professional agitation, Cohen testified against the 45th President during his New York civil fraud trial. He also testified before Congress several years ago.

Congressional lawmakers are now saying that the two testimonies just don’t line up and have accused Cohen of lying to Congress. The Epoch Times provided more context:

The letter asks Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Mr. Cohen after he told a court several days ago that he lied about his handling of former President Donald Trump’s business dealings in sworn testimony in front of a House panel.

He said that he made false claims under oath when said that neither President Trump nor a former Trump Organization chief financial officer told him to inflate numbers on the former president’s personal financial statements.

Two representatives, Elise Stefanik and House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner submitted a criminal referral for Cohen:

Just The News reminded readers:

Cohen previously served as Trump’s personal attorney before the 2016 election.

He remains a central figure in an unrelated criminal case against Trump brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.


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