Mike Pence Heckled By Trump Supporters At Iowa State Fair


If your name was not Donald John Trump, the Iowa State Fair did not go that great for you.

Ron DeSantis was drowned out over and over by chants of “WE LOVE TRUMP”.

More on that down below.

But Mike Pence also got the treatment.

Almost no one came to see him, but most of those who did were holding MAGA signs or wearing Trump shirts!

You gotta love it.

Check this out:

That lady is absolutely right….

We don’t want Mike Pence.

We don’t trust Mike Pence.

Pence is a traitor.

AND….she is exactly right that anyone who only refers to a “higher power” over and over is NOT a Christian.

Also, if a Christian were confronted with that, they would stop and correct the record.

Mike Pence did not correct the record.

I think he is absolutely a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that applies to politics and his faith.

This guy is bad news.

Bravo to the people who confronted him (peacefully, of course) and by speaking their ideas.

That’s how we do it in America.

It’s not the first time Pence has been heckled recently.

This happened just a few days ago:

Man that was a long and awkward pause!

For the record, this is the clip they are talking about:

And this happened a few days before that:

A dozen Trump supporters approached Mike Pence’s vehicle as he entered his Friday event yelling, “that’s a traitor,” “you’re a sellout,” and “why didn’t you uphold the constitution?”

“I upheld the constitution,” Pence shouted back.

As they badgered him he yelled, “Read it!”

— Kelsey Walsh (@Kjwalsh_news) August 5, 2023

Mike, read the memo man….





And we don’t want you.

Go back to Indiana or just disappear.

You’re done.

You’re doing worse than even Ron DeSantis.

Speaking of Ronald, did you see this?

Ron DeSantis Drowned Out By Cheers Of “WE LOVE TRUMP” At Iowa State Fair

This is so good….

I’m sorry Ron, you made some really bad choices.

You’ve ran a terrible campaign.

And turning on MAGA Nation was a really, really bad move.

So things are going badly for you.

Florida still likes you and you should head back there and do the job you were elected to do — because running for President is not going very well.

It’s one humiliation after another, and today really takes the cake at the Iowa State Fair.

Ron was in attendance trying to reboot his failed campaign and things went from bad to worse.

Start here, where he is being drowned out by chants of “WE LOVE TRUMP” while he’s trying to engage with the crowd:

Ronald DeSantis drowned out by chants of “WeLoveTrump” at Iowa State Fair!


— (@DailyNoahNews) August 12, 2023

I love the caption Il Donaldo Trumpo put on the vidoe:


Yes it is!

Ron was so happy to get the Steve Deace (who?) endorsement and Bob Vander Plaats endorsements and it turns out those don’t matter — just like we told you on Twitter yesterday.

Neither one of those guys carries any water, but a big congrats for getting those Ron.

You know what does matter?

The people of Iowa and the people have spoken:  “WE LOVE TRUMP!”

For those who say that was just a bad angle or just an isolated incident, take a look at this next one.

He’s getting hit with WE LOVE TRUMP everywhere he goes:

Just in case you thought things were fairing well for Ron and his campaign…

Desantis is now having people chant “We Love Trump” directly in his face!

Hey, “WeLoveTrump” that sounds familiar 😁

Imagine running against Trump while he’s literally being indicted over and over…

— (@DailyNoahNews) August 12, 2023

I bet Ronald can’t wait to leave the Fair, this is going so badly for him!

And here’s a third clip….

As Ron is trying to speak to the crowd, Trump Force One flies overhead and everyone cheers for Trump while Ron is trying to speak.

Absolutely classic:

HILARIOUS: Crowd listening to Ronald DeSantis at the Iowa State Fair stops to cheer for TRUMP FORCE ONE as it flies overhead!

— (@DailyNoahNews) August 12, 2023

Someone needs to send a wellness check out for Bill Mitchell, I can only imagine how badly he’s melting down on Twitter right now.

Bill, time to engage your therapy….when are you going to start posting all the pictures of the stadiums and heat maps?

Those always seem to help you cope a little bit.


Iowa is Trump Country.

USA is Trump Country.

2024 Landslide incoming!


DeSantis Draws Laughable Size Crowd In Iowa

New photos reveal Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is having a very hard time drawing a crowd at his campaign events.

A recent photo of DeSantis speaking at a livestock auction in Tama, Iowa went viral due to the fact there was barely anyone that attended his meet and greet.

The picture showed less than 20 people attending the event and revealed there were hundreds of open seats.

Just take a look yourself:


This is the crowd DeSantis draws!

Hey @mitchellvii do you think you can count them all or do we need to deploy the heat maps?


— (@DailyNoahNews) August 6, 2023

Newsweek had more details to add:

GOP nominee Ron DeSantis was met with a large number of empty seats at a meet and greet event in Iowa, photos shared online have revealed.

The Florida Governor hoped to resurrect his flagging campaign at a number of events across the Hawkeye State this weekend.

DeSantis visited Cedar Falls before he ate breakfast at the Vinton Family Restaurant before heading to a meet and greet at a livestock auction in Tama.

The image showed a few dozen people sitting on benches at the auction, with most of the venue empty.

Miller did add a caveat in a follow-up tweet, which read: “Fwiw (for what it’s worth) DeSantis is doing a bunch of events this weekend, and not all have been this sparse.

“This is the reality when you reboot and have to do the grind it out, lots of small events Let Ron Be Ron deal.”

But the photo soon attracted derision from the campaign spokesman of DeSantis’ staunch rival Donald Trump.
Trump political advisor Steven Cheung mocked the Florida Governor over the apparent small turnout at the event, saying in an X post: “Tiny crowd for Ron DeSantis in a livestock auction venue. Nobody is buying what that heifer is selling.”

Here’s DeSantis at another venue in New Hampshire drawing another small crowd:

Desantis packing in another huge crowd in NH today for the unveiling of his new economic plan. 📷 @akarl_smith

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) July 31, 2023

Here’s another small crowd in Iowa:

Wow, very low turnout and energy for Ron DeSantis’ Iowa event. Globalists keep saying Trump lost, yet Trump’s crowd sizes keep growing while globalist presidential candidates’ crowds keep shrinking. The MAGA movement has never been so popular.

— Charles R Downs (@TheCharlesDowns) August 4, 2023

Now let’s compare that to Trump’s recent crowds at his speaking engagements:

This was the MAGA crowd of thousands waiting to see President Trump speak in Erie, Pennsylvania

Not a single other candidate in this race can fill an arena like this

Not even close

— DC_Draino (@DC_Draino) August 4, 2023

Huge crowd of nearly 3,000 on hand to see President Trump speak at the Alabama GOP dinner.

It’s being called the biggest attendance

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) August 5, 2023

At least we didn’t have to hear the laugh….

Ron DeSantis Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons…

When you’re running for President, you want to get attention.

Trending online is great!

Unless….it’s for a bad reason.

Unless you’re having your Howard Dean moment.

Do you remember when that happened?

If you don’t remember or never saw it, you’re in for a treat.

This is not even a human sound, I have no idea how he did this.

When it’s called “THE Scream” you know that’s very bad for you.

Watch here:

Oddly enough, that happened in Iowa and Ron DeSantis may have just had his Howard Dean moment….also in Iowa.

Let’s start with the pictures, because they’re bad enough.

Here is Ron DeSantis laughing:

Sort of campaigning for the presidency in Iowa can be fun…

— John McCormick (@McCormickJohn) May 13, 2023

It was immediately mocked online:


Facial expressions just destroying this guy’s campaign

— Populism Updates (@PopulismUpdates) May 13, 2023


Some feat to have your worse Iowa campaign pic not involve state fair food, but there is time I guess

— Don Moynihan (@donmoyn) May 13, 2023

Ok, so that’s….odd, right?

But maybe it’s just a bad still frame.

We all look bad in pictures sometimes.

Maybe the video will be better.



Oh damn if you thought the photo was cringe then just wait till you hear it with the audio

— Wu Tang is for the Children (@WUTangKids) May 16, 2023

This is not normal:

oh my god why did no one tell me this is what the video looks like

— Tim Hogan (@timjhogan) May 16, 2023

Me too Brian:

this makes me so

— Brian Tyler Cohen (@briantylercohen) May 16, 2023

This one was funny:

He acts like the bug alien from Men in Black when it was in the body of the farmer

— Zito (@_Zeets) May 16, 2023

Definitely not normal human movements:

>>Activate human laughter simulator

— Rebekah Jones (@GeoRebekah) May 16, 2023


this is what it looks like when the joker gas hits

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) May 16, 2023

And back to the Howard Dean moment.

I’m afraid you may be toast Ronald:

If this is your laughing face you can’t be president. It’s math.

— Jacob Silverman 🤌🪨 (@SilvermanJacob) May 16, 2023

Now….compare whatever the hell that was to this:

ICONIC: Donald Trump, American Badass!

“Iconic” is the only word I have for this.

You’re going to love this…

Remember last weekend when President Trump attended UFC 287 with Kid Rock, Dana White and Iron Mike Tyson?

And the crowd erupted?

And after the fight the winner told Joe Rogan and the entire stadium that Donald Trump was the best President in his entire lifetime?

And then he started a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant?

So cool.

But even cooler is the video that someone stitched together and put to music — the perfect music bed for this video, Kid Rock’s “American Badass”.

It’s only 2 minutes but so good.

I’ve listed to it 5 times already.


So freaking cool!

— (@DailyNoahNews) April 15, 2023

And on Rumble here:


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