MTG Attacked at a Restaurant “They Turned Into Demons…”


Sadly, this story doesn’t shock me in the least. The left is literally insane, and it’s mainly the media’s fault.

They’ve spoon-fed these empty-headed zombies hate and fake news for so many years, that many left-wingers can’t even control their own emotions at this point. It’s like they’re on auto-pilot. And these hysterical, low-info screaming banshees can’t be reasoned with either. You’d have better luck trying to rock a rabid wolverine to sleep.

What we have now, is an entire army of mentally ill zombies who were empowered by politicians and media to scream and yell their opinions at everyone. Remember all the mask “Nazis” during the absurd COVID “pandemic”? Our entire country was shut down and went bonkers over a cold virus with a 99.8 survival rate. And while most sane people were like, “this is crazy,” liberals gobbled it up and went out in public to enforce these Marxist mask rules with force, if need be.

Turns out masks didn’t do crap, but we already knew that. And did the rude, nasty “Mask Karens” apologize? Oh, hell no. They just pick a new “outrage issue” and got back out on the “field” to fight like crazy cat ladies from hell.

And sadly, that’s the type of scenario that GOP Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene walked into when she innocently tried to go out to dinner. She was attacked by crazed, rabid leftists who MTG says, “turned into demons.”

Oh, we believe you… we’ve seen thousands of videos of these demonic screaming, insane liberals.

Here’s what Marjorie said in a tweet after the incident unfolded: “I was attacked in a restaurant tonight by an insane women and screamed at by her adult son. They had no respect for the restaurant or the staff or the other people dining or people like me who simply have different political views. They are self righteous, insane, and completely out of control. I was sitting at my table, working with my staff, and never even noticed these people until they turned into demons. People used to respect others even if they had different views. But not anymore. Our country is gone.”

Here’s a closeup of the tweet:

Be careful out there, folks. Liberals are known to be unhinged, dangerous, and violent people.


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