New Gallup Poll: Guess What? Americans Hate Their Government…


There’s been a lot of chatter from the media and left-wing politicians like Biden and and Pelosi about how “dangerous” is to not trust the US government, and anybody who doesn’t “trust” the government is a Q-kook conspiracy theorist and a domestic terrorist that does naughty things like denying (fraud) elections and saying mean thing about the (horrific) COVID-19 vaccine. I mean, we hear this nonsense all the time…and the big question now is this: does that North Korea-style propaganda actually work? Do Americans hear this stuff and fall madly in love with the government?

Well, no… not even close. Actually, I think it makes them hate the government more.

At least that’s what a new Gallup poll shows.

From Hot Air:

What is the “most important problem” facing the country today? That’s a question that Gallup regularly asks Americans and the most recent edition of that survey just dropped this week. You might imagine that crime, inflation, high prices, or the border crisis would be at the top of the list. To be sure, plenty of people cited those issues. But the number one problem on the list was “The Government/Poor Leadership.” More than one in five people (21%) chose that answer, a notable increase from the same survey conducted a few months earlier. So Joe Biden’s presidency continues to set new records, though not in the way anyone was hoping.

More Americans name the government as the nation’s top problem in Gallup’s latest poll, which encompassed the rocky start of the 118th Congress’ term. With high prices persisting, inflation remains the second most-cited problem (15%), and amid elevated tensions about the southern U.S. border, illegal immigration edged up three percentage points to 11%. Mentions of the economy in general fell six points, to 10%, the lowest reading in a year.

The poll’s Jan. 2-22 field period included the four-day, 15-vote process in which Republicans, who now hold a slim majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, ultimately elected Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House. Revelations about classified government documents from 2009 to 2017 found in President Joe Biden’s private office and home also surfaced while the poll was in the field.


The bottom of the list is quite revealing. The situation with Russia (and presumably Ukraine) was cited by one percent. Guns and gun control were similarly selected by a single percent. Election reform garnered two percent, while climate change received three percent.

Then we come to a collection that includes the coronavirus, police brutality, LGBT rights, China, and Afghanistan. What do they all have in common? They scored zero. Zilch. Nada. Nobody listed any of those issues at or near the top of their list of priorities.

Wow. All of those unpopular items are nearly every single thing Dems have pushed – election “reform,” gun control, climate change and Ukraine.

Kind of makes you wonder how they keep “winning” so many elections when nobody cares about their causes, doesn’t it?


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