‘Presidential Olympics’: Trump Mocks Biden’s Frequent Battles With Staircases In Hilarious Clip


Former President Trump mocked the current White House occupant’s frequent stage mishaps in a hilarious clip posted to TruthSocial on Sunday.

The four-minute montage — which was compiled by StevenVoiceOver — compares attempts of each president climbing staircases to Air Force One. “Good morning and thank you for joining us for day one of the Presidential Olympics. It’s a lovely day here in Delaware. And the day one event, as always, is the Air Force One Stairway Event. Straightforward but has seen its share of adventures over the years,” a narrator says in the style of a golf announcer.

Trump was first to compete in the Presidential Olympics, earning high marks for his “strong technique” as he ascended the staircase. “And next up Joseph Robinette Biden, of course representing the United States of Ukraine,” the announcer then says as the video cuts to an infamous Biden staircase mishap from 2021.

“And it’s a confident salute with a light jog attempt. Still with a grip and pull but it seems to be doing the trick… Oh and it seems to be doing the trick…. It’s gone, he’s gone twice and he’s gone a third time,” the announcer says as Biden repeatedly falls up the staircase.

Trump has repeatedly pointed to President Biden’s frequent trouble with staircases and navigating stages as evidence of cognitive decline. “Does anybody think he’s gonna make it to the starting gate?” Trump asked California Republicans at an event last month.

“Look, here’s a stage,” Trump said while motioning his hands. “I’ve never seen this stupid stage before, I’ve never seen it… But if I walk left, there’s a stair, and if I walk right, there’s a stair,” he continued before impersonating Biden’s confused shuffle.

Just today, President Biden was assisted by the First Lady after he appeared confused while attempting to exit a stage.


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