Proud Boys Trial Uncovers J6 Bombshell: DOZENS Of Undercover FBI Participated In Jan 6 Riot


J6 Bombshell! At least 40 undercover informants and undercover officers were involved in the crowds on January 6. They came from other government agencies besides the FBI, DC Metro Police, and DHS.

What were they doing on Jan. 6? Shouldn’t we know the answer to that? We might know if the videos were released.

I always wondered why John Sullivan and his friend, the CNN reporter, Jade Sacker, were excused for rallying the crowd to come into the Capitol.

Sullivan, a radical leftist activist, was arrested for an entirely different crime, and CNN reporter Jade Sacker was ignored. CNN and NBC paid these people for their videos. It should also be noted that John Sullivan was with Ashli Babbitt when she decided to climb through the window. Was he ever questioned about that?

This latest bombshell came out during the Proud Boys trial. The attorney plans to call Ray Epps to testify. He fomented rebellion on Jan. 5th and 6th, and was never arrested.

Julie Kelly said, “The FBI is not supposed to encourage or help people break the law.”

“At least 40 undercover FBI informants” participated in J6 with Proud Boys but only 5 Proud Boys are being prosecuted? Is that right @julie_kelly2? The FBI is not supposed to encourage or help people break the law, they should stop people from breaking the law. Congress must defund the corruption from the FBI. The weaponization of government can be stopped through the budget and appropriations.

We know from the Gov. Whitmer Fednapping case that the agents and informants went way beyond observing. The government has done this to so-called Islamic terrorists in the case of dopey people who never would have thought about blowing up anything. Does anyone think all those Biden agency agents were undercover to do anything but stir up a mob?

As Ms. Kelly says in the Twitter thread, the Office of DC US Attorney, “Matthew Graves continues to hide evidence from defense, now disclosing crucial role of undercover/human sources almost 4 MONTHS into the trial.”

That’s a disgrace and unworthy of an American justice system. Democrats don’t believe in the law.

A Ph.D. student at Kansas State, who publishes Free State Kansas, found the information that forced Judge Kelly’s hand.

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz want to blow this “farce wide open.” There is evidence FBI agents are stirring up trouble.

Remember this:


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