Rand Paul Torches Biden With One Savage “Zelensky” Meme That Says IT ALL


What happened in Ohio with the toxic train derailment could end up being one of the worst environmental disasters tis country has ever seen, and oddly enough, the “earth-loving” left is pretty quiet about it.

These are the same people who want to take away your gas stove – but when it comes to toxic chemicals spewing everywhere, killing animals and infecting water and soil they’re pretty “meh” about the whole thing.

I mean, where’s that angry teen Greta Thunberg? Why isn’t she in Ohio, yelling at everyone?


So, when Ohio asked Joe Biden for federal disaster relief funds, he of course, said YES.

Just kidding, he said NO.

Daily Wire reported that Joe Biden’s administration rejected a request for federal disaster assistance from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in response to the train derailment in East Palestine earlier this month.

The derailment, which occurred on February 3, caused a fire that lasted several days. Officials decided to initiate a controlled release of the chemicals to mitigate the risk of an explosion; all residents within one mile of the crash site were told to evacuate, although they were permitted to return to their homes on February 8.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told Ohio that the Biden administration was rejecting its request for federal assistance because the agency said the incident did not qualify.

Dan Tierney, a spokesperson for DeWine, told Fox News that Ohio was able to get some assistance through the Department of Health and Human Services that can assist residents who need medical care as a result of the fallout from the derailment and toxic burn.

Tierney said that DeWine would hold Norfolk Southern, the company involved in the accident, responsible for what happened. “The people of East Palestine need to be made whole,” he added.

Earlier in the day, the DeWine administration put out a statement saying that the Biden administration was not cooperating with requests to help the community through federal disaster aid.

“The DeWine Administration has been in daily contact with FEMA to discuss the need for federal support, however FEMA continues to tell Governor DeWine that Ohio is not eligible for assistance at this time,” DeWine’s office said earlier in the day. “Governor DeWine will continue working with FEMA to determine what assistance can be provided.”

It’s amazing that Joe Biden would deny Ohio help, after literally flooding Ukraine with our hard-earned tax dollars.

So, Rand Paul decided to fix Joe’s wagon, he shared a meme about Zelensky, that says it all.

That’s how bad it’s gotten. Biden acts more like the president of Ukraine than the (fake) “president” of America.


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