Reporter Reveals He Tried to Call Secret Phone Number in Hunter Biden Docs and Joe Picked Up!


Investigative reporter John Solomon actually did something few journalists would have the chutzpah to try: Call a ‘secret’ phone number in the Hunter Biden documents.

And as fate would have it, Joe Biden picked up! That’s according to the veteran journalist.

Solomon said Joe Biden answered the phone, but then promptly hung up.

“Well, I’ll tell the story,” Solomon said. “I’ve never told this story before. Only my editors at The Hill knew this back in 2019. I early on got some documents from Hunter Biden laptop, by the way, before it was turned over from the FBI. There had been some documents that law enforcement had gotten through other meets, and one of those documents got leaked to me and it had a cell phone number that Hunter Biden was paid for.”

“So I figured, oh, this is my chance,” he said. “Maybe I can, I’ve been trying to get fair comment from Hunter Biden, so I’m going to call the cell phone. So I called the cell phone. And who picked up the phone? Oh boy, Joe Biden.”

“Boy was he shocked when he got when he picked up the phone and found out it was me — he hung up pretty quickly,” Solomon added.

Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer was recently on Fox News and talked about a secret cell phone allegedly given to Joe Biden when he was VP. The information allegedly came from Hunter Biden’s laptop:

It’s interesting, what is the line of communications between Hunter Biden and his business partners and Joe Biden when he’s vice president of the United States? It’s not the government phone, it’s not Joe Biden’s personal phone. We know from the laptop that Hunter Biden’s business paid for a private phone line that Joe Biden used while he was vice president. It was from AT&T, it was $300 a month, it was a global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world.

We shared that phone number and that account information with people in the House Oversight Committee. My hope is that they if they haven’t already, they will subpoena those records because I think it will give an indication on how tight the communication was.

The Biden family was obviously utilizing secret means of communication with foreign agents and corrupt businessmen around the world. Investigators should try to get a hold of this mobile phone. It might be the Joe Biden equivalent of the “Hunter Biden laptop.”


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