RFK Jr Explains To Tucker Who He Thinks Killed His Uncle, Alleged Lies About Ukraine War


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained his political views and theorized who allegedly killed his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy, during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Kennedy discussed the alleged lies about the Ukraine war and the CIA’s alleged involvement in his uncle’s death during an interview released Tuesday. He said the media is lying to Americans about the background of Ukraine while ignoring the complexities between Ukraine and Russia.

“When it come to the Ukraine War we’re being lied to about it,” Kennedy said.

“In what way?” Carlson asked.

“Well, we were lied to from the beginning. You know, we had this comic book pitch in that, which we see in every war, there’s a bad guy whose like, you know, an unspeakably evil, whose planning world conquest or a terrorist attack on America and we have to be the good guys going in and stopping it. And Ukraine, the background of the Ukraine War is much more complex than that. You know, the U.S. has been involved inn, particularly the neocons in the White House…since 2001, have been talking about putting NATO in Ukraine.”

He explained the movement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) eastward deeply angered Russia. He compared Russia’s aggression to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, in which Russia placed nuclear missiles pointing toward the U.S. in Cuba during his uncle’s presidency. His father, Robert F. Kennedy Sr., served as Attorney General under the Kennedy administration.

Kennedy explained that one must understand the viewpoint of their adversaries to truly know the conflict at hand. The 2024 candidate further criticized the U.S. government’s spending to the Ukraine war and the corporate media only interviewing those “cashing in on the war.”

He further alleged Biden has “always been a pro-war president” who supported the U.S. entering previous wars.

Kennedy said the corporate media is publishing “outright lies” about him due to the political alignment business model.

“Right now, what it seems to me is that there’s been this alignment, this political alignment that I think really started with Fox News back, you know, when Roger was running things there where he overtly made it a political network. He ended it with the Republican Party and said we’re gonna push their agenda. And up until then, that has been considered a journalistic ethical breach. The networks were supposed to at least pretend neutrality and the newspapers as well.”

“But now I think that business model works so well for Fox and again, I think MSNBC and CNN adopted the same business model and there’s been this big consolidation in the media where really there’s no independent media,” he added.

Carlson previously said the media hates Kennedy for questioning the effectiveness of vaccines.


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