Ron DeSantis Has Creepy New Moment At Debate


We all have our moments, but oh Ron this is such a bad look…

Allow me to explain what you are seeing here…

It’s only an 18 second clip, but it’s so bad.

At each commercial break the candidates get a new dab of makeup.



Everybody does it, you want to look good for the cameras and it’s probably hot in there so you don’t want your dome to be shiny on the TV.

I get it!

This is not a “men getting makeup” take.

That’s stupid.

Any men going on TV get some basic makeup.

The problem is, Ron always seems to take “normal” things and make them so creepy and weird!

Remember the laugh?

We’ll get to that in a moment.

But just watch this as Ron walks over to get dabbed.

Look at the body language…

It’s SO submissive…

Shoulders rolled, face out….please spray me now, I’m here like a good boy!

I wonder if that’s the same exact walk he does when he meets with all his big donors?

It’s just so “soy”.

Take a look:

Backup here:

I’m no fan of Nikki Haley — she’s a huge RINO Warmonger — but she’s double the man Ron DeSantis is.

I know the perspective is off in this angle, and she’s probably not even seeing Ron, but the juxtaposition between Ron going over to get pampered like a good boy, and Nikki Haley standing there looking pissed, like she’s trying to figure out who she wants to kill next, is palpable.

Ron, look man…you’re probably a NICE guy — you’re just weird!

And I’m sorry my friend, but we need an Alpha in the Oval Office right now.

We need Trump.

Then we’ll take Kari Lake.

After that, we’ll talk, but what we definitely don’t need at least for the next 12 years is you.

To borrow a phrase, Ron it’s not us, it’s you.

It’s your laugh…

It’s the creepy way you’re always licking your lips….

It’s the voice…

It’s the face…

It’s the passive, soyboy body language….

It’s the fake “tough guy” routine you roll out when the rest of this list gets a little too noticeable.

Here’s more on why I’m so tough on DeSantis:

Why Do I Attack Ron DeSantis So Hard? A Fair Explanation

I recently had someone email me with a great question.

This was the question they sent me:

I’m a trump fan. I will vote for him again. But I have to ask why you so obviously attack DeSantis? Why him and not the others in the field. Just curious.

I emailed them back directly but I actually thought it was such a great question that I wanted to share my answer with all of you.

Because it’s a fair question and I think the answer will really shed a lot of light on why I’m so tough on DeSanctus.

Simply put, the reason I hit DeSantis so hard is because I’ve seen this movie before.

Ron is nothing more than George W. Bush 2.0 or Paul Ryan 2.0 or Lindsay Graham 2.0 and on and on and on….

Sorry folks, I’ve seen this movie before.

And here’s how the movie always goes…

Find a candidate who checks all the boxes.

Dress him him, make him the perfect Republican on paper.

Military record – check!

Clean cut image – check!

Just a “regular guy” who you’d want to have a beer with – check!

Funnel millions into propping him up.

Then if and when he gets in, you tighten down the screws.

All the things he claimed he stood for suddenly just don’t translate into what he does in office.

He becomes just another empty-suit RINO controlled by big money behind the scenes.

Come on folks, can’t you see the fakeness?

This guy is a fart blowing in the winds of “public opinion”.

He’ll do anything and say anything that the pollsters tell him to do and say.

POLLSTER TO RON:  Hey Ron, we need you to laugh more in public, you come off too stiff:

POLLSTER TO RON: Yeah, that laugh was really bad.  We’re gonna need you to stop that immediately and you know what, just go walk into that room over there and crack open a beer, act like a normal guy, can you do that Ron?

“Well get it done, yep, we’ll get it done.  Gotta watch Wapner at 6:30….Wapner at 6:30…..”

Seriously Ron, what is that voice?

The laugh was bad, but what is that voice?

POLLSTER TO RON: Ok Ron, no more beers, please God no more beers and I thought we talked about that laugh going away?  Stop the beers and the laugh.  Ok Ron, you know what we need to do, the laugh and the beers have people thinking your a little too soft, can you show some toughness?  Maybe the next time you have a Press Conference just take a question from the audience and then act like a tough guy when you answer it, can you do that Ron?  Let’s recap: 1) No laugh, 2) no beers, 3) tough guy.  Ok Ron?

POLLSTER TO RON: [throws hands up in the air] Ok Ron, look (big sigh of desperation) do you have a basement?  Can we just get you in there about 9:30am each morning?  That worked really well for Joe Biden….

Now do you get it?

I’m done playing this game.

I’m done being conned.

I’m done thinking our new savior has just arrived to take on Washington because he served some years in the military in wears jeans and cowboy boots and drinks a beer and gosh-dangit he’s just like us!

No he’s not.

He’s bought and paid for and he’s an empty suit RINO who does whatever the pollsters tell him to do.

I didn’t make this video but it perfectly sums up what I just told you

In contrast, you have a true Alpha who answers to NO ONE but his own moral compass and the American People.

Notice a difference?

And on Rumble here:

Folks, we have a rare moment in history where a Donald J. Trump is on the scene.

He won’t be here forever.

We also have a rare heir to the throne in Kari Lake.

These two are historically very rare occurrences and if you vote “GWB 2.0” over Trump/Lake, you get what you deserve.


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