Ron DeSantis Just Had His “Basket Of Deplorables” Moment


Liddle Ron DeSanctimonious is not having a good week, and MAGA is rightfully outraged over his latest blundering gaffe.

The governor told The Florida Standard all about his plans when elected president, and his view of Trump’s supporters during  this video interview:

So what did he say?

To save you from the pain of watching and listening to Ron DeSantis, we can sum up in two words his opinion of hardworking, taxpaying Americans who love and support President Trump – listless vessels.

The response came on fast. At first, the immediate reaction from many on the right and on the left was a head-scratching, “what did he just say?”

That was quickly followed by predictions of the death of DeSantis’ presidential campaign and political future.

Then came the very apt comparisons of DeSantis’ remark to other famous (infamous) Democrats’ opinions of MAGA.

No one could, or should, forget these comments.

Don Jr. went a step further with this funny but on-point reaction to “Ronda” on Truth Social.

It’s true that no matter what tricks the globalists play, President Trump’s surging poll numbers tell an important story about MAGA. Breitbart reported Saturday:

Former President Donald Trump remains the most favorable candidate in the Republican primary field, despite his ongoing legal troubles, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sees a higher unfavorable rating than the former president, this week’s Morning Consult survey found.

It’s not only Ron DeSantis having trouble in the polls. This morning, President Trump posted these poll results on Truth Social:

On today’s Meet The Press, the talking heads quickly sobered up while looking at these numbers. Crooked Joe is going down.

Now, back to the question.

Is this Ron DeSantis’ “Basket of Deplorables” moment?

What do YOU think?


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