Shawshank Redemption Star Shocks Fans On COVID-19 Protocols; Time To End This Charade


Actor Tim Robbins, who starred in “The Shawshank Redemption,” denounced COVID-19 protocols on Twitter on Thursday, calling them a “charade” and said it’s time to do away with them The outspoken actor’s support for Woody Harrelson’s recent anti-vaccine remarks, which he made in an interview with the New York Times last week, was made public.

Robbins tweeted a link to a piece regarding the actor’s remarks “Woody is accurate. It’s time to cease this act. Sagaftra and Equity acting.”

In the interview, Harrelson voiced his displeasure with the Hollywood coronavirus safety measures, calling them “absurd.”

He said when asked what was ludicrous about them, “because they are still occurring! Nobody, in my opinion, should be able to compel you to submit to the tests, wear the mask, and receive a vaccination three years later.”

Harrelson went on to remark, “I simply want to put an end to this madness. The crews are not treated fairly. I’m not required to use the mask. The reason why not? Why should they be required to get shots? How is that not a personal decision?”

Even further, Harrelson claimed that the mandatory masks on set and vaccination requirements give him the impression that America “is not a free country.”

“Three years have passed. Stop,” added Robbins.

During his latest “Saturday Night Live” monologue, the actor also appeared to criticize COVID safety procedures. In order to hide his political message, Harrelson told “SNL” viewers about the “craziest script” he had recently read.

He stated: “This is how the movie progresses. The largest drug cartels in the world get together, buy up every politician and member of the media, and order everyone to remain confined to their houses. And the only way for people to escape is if they repeatedly use the drugs supplied by the cartel.”

With his punchline, Harrelson concluded his jab at the pharmaceutical industry “I trashed the script. Who was going to buy that ridiculous theory, after all? compelled to use drugs? All day, I voluntarily perform that.”

In addition to gaining Robbins’ support, Charlamagne Tha God endorsed Harrelson’s anti-COVID vaccine remarks. God is.

Upon witnessing the actor’s “During an appearance on a podcast, Charlamagne stated, “I think folks realize the jig is up. You get what I’m saying? And it makes no difference which side you support. I believe anybody with some common sense, some eyes can look and be like, ‘Okay, all right. What a bunch of bulls—t.”

Elon Musk, a billionaire and owner of Twitter, additionally backed Harrelson’s “statements made by SNL,” tweeting, “So based. Bravo, @nbcsnl!” Based is a slang term that basically indicates “Not caring what others think of you—to carry oneself with swagger,” according to Dictionary.com.


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