“The End” For Zelensky


To quote my friend BioClandestine: “today was a massive win for humanity.”

Yes, indeed.

Because the proxy war and money-laundering operation that involves Ukraine looks to be reaching the end of this long horrible road.

Here is Kim Dotcom literally posting Zelensky’s picture with caption: “The End”:

Let me unpack that for you.

So here is goofy little Zelensky in his goofy little army fatigue green jumpsuit (straight out of Central Casting) standing amidst the NATO nations and getting absolutely ignored.

The little golden-boy has fallen out of favor?

More like his usefulness has come to an end.

And when your usefulness to the Elites comes to an end, that’s a very ugly thing and often leads to an untimely demise.

Here’s a zoom in and I love this caption:

Benny captioned it with this:

From BioClandestine, here is more analysis:


A picture is worth a thousand words.

NATO have turned their backs on Zelensky.

Without NATO’s direct military intervention, Ukraine will perish, making Zelensky a dead man walking.

The West sacrificed Ukraine and its People in an attempt to weaken Russia.

They failed.

Dead man walking.

And that face tells you he knows.

But it’s not all just one picture…

Here’s a bunch more to show the full picture:


After today’s optics, how could anyone possibly think Ukraine have any chance of winning this war?

Does this look like the war hero that is defeating the mighty Russia?

The Ukraine proxy war will go down as one of the most catastrophic geopolitical events in human history.

More here:

Wait, I know….

He just needs $100 more Billion dollars!

Actually, that’s the thing….I think the money laundering operation has failed.

And it’s time to kick this cock-a-roach to the curb.

And smash it with a boot!

Do you feel bad for the poor little green jumpsuit weasel?

He was being used the whole time:


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