Trump Asked If He Regrets Endorsing Ron DeSantis For Florida Governor


At CPAC, reporters asked President Trump numerous questions about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The Florida governor is widely seen as the top challenger to Trump in the GOP primary if he entered the 2024 presidential race.

Trump has taken a few jabs at DeSantis recently, and reporters asked several questions many Republicans likely wanted to know.

Daily Caller Correspondent Diana Glebova asked Trump: “If Ron DeSantis is such a fraud, why did you endorse him for governor? Did you make a mistake?”

“I’m very happy I endorsed him for governor because the alternative would have been very bad. He was a disaster as it turned out and the alternative would have been very bad. Florida is doing well. Florida has done well for a long time. I’m very happy about it,” Trump responded.


Reporters also asked Trump if he would choose DeSantis as his vice president.

Daily Caller reported:

Trump also told reporters it was “too soon” to tell if he would offer DeSantis a vice presidential spot on his 2024 ticket.

“I’ve always had a great relationship with Ron. I was the one that made it possible for him to win. He was in a very low number and after I endorsed him, he went up by a lot and he asked me to do that. I’ve always had a good relationship with him. But it’s much too early to talk,” Trump said.

DeSantis has not announced a 2024 run, but the former president has issued an onslaught of criticism against the governor, calling him “DeScantimonious,” and saying it would be a “mistake.”

A reporter asked Trump during the press gaggle if DeSantis should run in 2024 or “sit this one out.”

“That’s up to him. He wouldn’t have been elected if it weren’t for me. But that’s up to him,” Trump said.


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