Trump Drops Bomb About Ukraine In LIVE Interview With Bannon


Former political strategist, Steve Bannon, who now hosts one of the most popular political podcasts in the world called ‘War Room,’ had a one-on-one sit down with Donald Trump on Friday.

In the exclusive televised podcast, Trump was allowed to say what he couldn’t on mainstream networks, specifically Fox News, which he noted in the interview as not being able to speak freely on due to the mainstream network’s censoring of the truth.

Much of what Trump has had to hold back in saying, was aired out in his candid interview with his former strategist and friend, Steve Bannon, in the nearly one hour live interview. A lot was learned in that candid time together.

Among the hot takes from Trump that’s he’s rarely, if ever shared before, is that he used tariffs to secure the border, Covid was used by the left to cheat the election, DeSantis is “losing badly,” we’re going to win the 2024 election and Make America Great Again, and perhaps most importantly, that he said that he could get Ukraine and Russia settled in 24 hours.

See the top clips of his comments below:


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