Trump Just Won Georgia


This is the video my friend texted me today saying he thought it was the best video on the Internet today.

See if you agree….

Earlier this week I dared to say Hawaii is going to turn RED.

I think California turned red in 2020 if the true data came out.

And I think what we just witnessed yesterday shows us even (formerly?) deep blue Atlanta is going to go MAGA in 2024!

I didn’t say “Red” and I didn’t say “Republican”….I said MAGA TRUMP.

Look at this hero’s welcome Trump is given through the streets of Atlanta.

Cheering him on, shouting that they’re voting Trump!

The MAGA King, ladies and gentlemen.

And as Atlanta goes, so goes Georgia.

Because if Trump locks up the black/city vote, he already has the rural vote.

2024 is going to be a BLOODBATH of the best kind.

Watch this awesome video from my friends over at The Daily Caller:

Absolutely incredible!

And now for the other two contenders today for “best video on the Internet”, I give you this:

The Best Meme On The Internet Right Now?

Earlier today I brought you what I thought was the best video on the Internet right now.

Little did I know that category would quickly grow!

First a friend texted me and said he was just sending me what HE thought was the best video on the Internet right now when he read my article from this morning.

Then I see Benny Johnson Tweet what he thinks is the best meme on the Internet right now.

We have mass chaos….and I love it!

One thing we can all agree on:  MEME MAGIC is back!

Trump is back!

Trump is back on Twitter!

Energy is back!

MAGA is back!

And massive election landslides over and above any and all cheating WILL BE BACK!


Ok, now to the videos…

I’ll post what I thought was the best video below, but Benny says it’s this video from Steven Voiceover:

It’s good.

Very good.

Of course this meme takes Richard Donner’s famous 1978 Superman movie where Superman flies in reverse around the world to stop the spinning of time and then reverse time.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

You’ll probably stand up and clap halfway through as the destruction of the previous 4 years is reversed one by one.

So good.

If only that were possible!

But a very close second-best is giving Trump 2024-2028 to fix the country and utterly drain the swamp!

And no, I’m not going to even comment on whether I truly think the Earth is spinning or not…

Ok, that one was good, but I’m going to challenge Benny and say this is still the best video on the Internet right now:

“Now I Ain’t Sayin’ She A Vote Rigger…”

President Trump is back on Twitter/X with his first Tweet since 2021, and already people are saying “Meme Magic” is back.

Indeed it is.

I keep telling you everything right now feels like 2015/2016 repeating itself, including the incredible memes flying all over the place.

But what I’m about to show you is one of the absolute best and most hilarious videos I’ve ever seen.

I texted a friend this morning: “Might be the best video ever made for the Internet.”

These guys are incredible, all credit to the Memefellas at the Dilley Meme Team who say they put this together in less than 24 hours.

I have no idea how they do it, but this is incredible talent!

Not only did they have to get the visuals but then write the script and make Trump’s voice sing perfectly.

It’s unreal!!

I’ve already loaded it onto my gym playlist!

I’ve watched this at least 10 times and it gets better each time….

Please enjoy:


Backup here on YouTube at least for right now:

I can’t even pick a favorite line, so many good ones…

If it’s not the chorus  “But Fatty only make my lead bigger” then I think MAYBE it would have to be “You will see her at the Court House, Call Her Fatty Willis”:

Humor and satire always hit stronger than most anything else.

Reaction is off the charts:

If you want more, we actually covered this same incredible team a few days ago.

Here’s another gem:

Meet “Rhonda Santis”

Per the watermark, credit appears to go to the Dilley Meme Team.

Well done fellas and/or ladies!

And also from the Dilley Meme Team, this one is so good…

How do they do this?


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