Trump Receives Thunderous Applause As He Enters UFC With Kid Rock and Iron Mike!


So…Donald Trump, Kid Rock and Iron Mike Tyson walk into a bar…

Wait, that’s not quite how it goes.

They walk into UFC 287 in Miami and the crowd goes WILD!

You have to see this:

This sums it up perfectly:

So true.

Trump was already iconic and loved by the People, now he’s gone to legendary status.

Ain’t nobody doing this when Joe Biden walks by:

Heck, at this point, Joe Biden had already been asleep for 4 hours on Saturday night when President Trump was just arriving at UFC 287 for a party in Miami!

The true Commander In Chief baby!

Does it get any cooler than this?



This was NOT from last night, but anyone remember when Mel Gibson did this?

Watch closely and you’ll see him saluting:

It’s not just the crowd that loves Trump either.

After the fight, this happened:

And you gotta love this:


Truly the “People’s President”!


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