Mike Tyson Shares Interesting Story About Barron Trump


During his last podcast appearance with Patrick Bet-David, Mike Tyson expressed his support for Trump and shared an interesting story about Barron Trump.

The former heavyweight champ shared that “Trump is the man” and went on to say he has “never had a bad moment with Trump.”

Tyson continued to say he recently had dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago and Melania and Barron were at the dinner too.

Iron Mike had a lot to say about Barron and said he was very smart and intelligent, Mike told Patrick that Barron was on “top of his game intellectually”.

Watch Mike here:

Trump and Mike Tyson have had a solid relationship throughout the last several decades.

When Mike Tyson was accused of rape, Trump was the only one willing to defend Mike.

Watch Trump here:

Tyson has defended Trump over the years from leftist hating on him.

Take a look:

During UFC 287 in Miami, Mike Tyson and President Trump sat together at the event.

Read more about it below:

Trump Receives Thunderous Applause As He Enters UFC With Kid Rock and Iron Mike!


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