Trump Shares Never Heard Before Story About Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu


During his most recent speech at Club 47, Trump shared that Israel under the command of Prime Minster Benjamin  Netanyahu backed out at the last minute when Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian General Soleimani.

Trump shared  “We had to do it, he was going to blow up our military installations & kill many people. Israel was going to do this with us and it was being planned & we were working on it for months, and we had it all set to go.”

Trump continued “The night before it happened, I got a call that Isreal will not be participating in this attack. Nobody’s heard this story before…”

Watch Trump here:

Jack Posobiec also shared one of the first world leaders to congratulate Joe Biden for “winning the presidency” while votes were still being counted was Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump has not forgotten.

Take a look:

Per Politico:

He also directly went after Netanyahu, who he asserted did not help the United States in the drone strike in 2020 that killed Suleimani, the leader of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps responsible for secret military operations.

At the time of the killing, Netanyahu praised Trump for acting “swiftly, forcefully and decisively” but Trump on Wednesday chastised the Israeli prime minister.

“I’ll never forget that Bibi Netanyahu let us down,” he said. “That was a very terrible thing.”

His disapproval of Netanyahu drew an immediate response from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is competing with Trump for the GOP nomination and posted on X that “it is absurd that anyone, much less someone running for President, would choose now to attack our friend and ally, Israel.”

Here’s what Times of Israel shared:

Trump reiterates his claim that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to provide the US assistance in the killing.

“I’ll never forget that Bibi Netanyahu let us down. That was a very terrible thing. We were very disappointed, but we did the job ourselves, and it was absolute precision, magnificent, beautiful job,” he says. “Then Bibi tried to take credit for it. That didn’t make me feel too good. But that’s all right.”


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