Trump VP Candidate’s Odds Surge By 300%


Amidst swirling rumors, all eyes are fixed on President Donald Trump as he prepares to unveil his running mate for the next presidential race.

The speculation around the 2024 presidential favorite has been intensifying as longtime allies and senior advisers claim to be in the dark, suggesting that the decision could still be under consideration. This air of mystery only adds to the anticipation surrounding the announcement.

JD Vance, the Ohio Senator known for his conservative stance and as the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” has seen a sudden and dramatic rise in his odds of becoming Trump’s vice-presidential pick. His chances have skyrocketed by nearly 300%, positioning him as the frontrunner with a 31% probability of being selected, according to recent betting markets. This surge places Vance ahead of other potential candidates.

During an interview with NBC News on Sunday, Vance clarified that he has not been approached by Trump to join his campaign as the vice presidential candidate. Despite being considered a top contender for Trump’s vice presidential slot, Vance confirmed, “I have not gotten the call,” and promised to notify the press if he does receive such an invitation.

“We’ll let the media know if I ever get that call,” Vance added, “But most importantly, we’re just trying to work to elect Donald Trump. Whoever his vice president is, he’s got a lot of good people he could choose from.” He also defended Trump’s recent call for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden and his family, should Trump be elected for a second term.

Following the success of his book, Vance ventured into politics and became a member of the Republican Party. He was elected as a U.S. Senator from Ohio in the 2022 midterm elections, taking office in January 2023. His political stance aligns with conservative principles, focusing on issues such as economic policy, social values, and national security.

Vance is one of three Republican politicians featured on Trump’s shortlist for a running mate, alongside Governor Doug Burgum (R-ND) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). Trump has cultivated speculation surrounding the selection of his running mate as the presidential frontrunner and has long hinted that the decision will be made at the Republican National Convention, though he did note that the candidate was in Atlanta for last week’s presidential debate.

Trump’s summer agenda has been eclipsed, however, by turmoil within the Democratic Party, highlighted by Biden’s poor performance in the debate and the resulting questions about the party’s presumptive nominee. The situation has added new complexities for Trump and his team as they deliberate over the selection of a vice-presidential candidate. Amidst the overwhelming attention on Biden, setting a time to announce Trump’s running mate has proved challenging.

The Trump campaign has pinpointed Monday, July 15—the first day of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee—as the final date to unveil his choice for vice president. They plan to announce this just before the formal nomination process, taking advantage of the day’s events and the gathered party audience for maximum impact.


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