Tucker Carlson Delivers Fiery Rant On State Of The Country: ‘Can’t Deal With The Lying’


Tucker Carlson erupted into a fiery rant about the state of the country and left-wing extremists whining about “our democracy” during a recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

“What makes it particularly galling and hard to live with is when you call that system a democracy, right? That’s too dishonest for me,” Carlson said. “I would much rather live in a monarchy where everyone thinks the king has been assigned by God to rule over us and his whims are law and you know, that makes sense, I don’t like it, but at least it has internal coherence.”

He then pointed to the recent foreign aid package that will send $100 billion to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and other nations despite its lack of popularity with the American people.

“When they they’re ignoring the actual problems in our country like the economy and the border and they’re calling in Congress over the weekend to pass something that people don’t want while ignoring the things that people do want,” Carlson said. “And if they do the same kind of thing again and again for like 50 years and they call it a democracy that will drive you insane. Because it’s just too dishonest.”

“Why not just say, ‘we don’t give a shit what you want, we are getting something out of this Ukraine funding.’ Whether it’s like the thrill of being masters of the universe, or whether it’s money from the defense contractors, whatever we’re getting out of it is more important to us than your opinion, this is not self-government you don’t run this country, we do, shut up and obey,” he continued.

“If they at least said that you’d be like, ok, I get it, those are the terms. But if I get another fu**ing lecture from Joe Scarborough about defending democracy, when this is not a democracy, it’s not even a close approximation of a democracy, then I’m gonna go crazy because I just can’t deal with the lying.”


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