Tucker Carlson Drops Episode 31: How to Avoid World War III (VIDEO)


Tucker Carlson on Wednesday evening dropped episode 31 of his new show on X: How to Avoid World War III.

The Biden Regime has discussed using US military force if Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorists attack Israel with rockets.

Tensions have been escalating at the Lebanon border after Hamas ambushed Israel on October 7. Hezbollah terrorists are exchanging gunfire with Israel Defense Forces.

Over the weekend Israel shelled Syria after two rockets were launched from Syria.

Iran reportedly threatened intervention if Israel invades Gaza and warned of a ‘huge earthquake’ attack by Hezbollah.

Tucker interviewed presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy about his stance on opposing World War III and the potential disaster for America.

Tucker and Vivek discuss:

  • What does an Israeli ground invasion mean?
  • What is the appropriate response to Hamas?
  • The real threat of nuclear war.



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