Tucker Carlson Irony Alert: the war for democracy enables dictatorship


Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday’s episode of “Tucker on Twitter” that President Joe Biden’s administration is cheering on the war in Ukraine to gain power.

Carlson pointed to the Biden administration and bipartisan members of Congress defending Ukraine is a “fight for democracy” for both themselves and the U.S. He called out Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who announced a possible cancelation of elections, which American elites may be mirroring at home.

“You’ve got to wonder what the Biden administration thinks of this, we can’t possibly continue to support Zelenskyy, that guy, after he said that, can we? Because in a clip almost 30 seconds long he blew up our entire rationale for supporting his side of the war. So we can’t support him. Oh, of course we can! And we will,” Carlson said.

As Biden vowed the U.S.’ unequivocal support for Ukraine, Carlson said it is no surprise that U.S. leaders would support Zelenskyy in the name of “democracy” to gain power of their own.

“So we are currently fighting a war for democracy on behalf of a leader who just casually announced he’s happy to end democracy and our democracy supporting leader has no problem with that, in fact, they’re strongly for it,” Carlson continued. “Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Of course they’re for it. You should’ve seen this coming. Worse for democracy always cancel democracy in process. That’s why our leaders love them. And they all do it, even virtuous leaders. Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus.”


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