WATCH: Meteorologist Says Prayer For Those Affected By Mississippi Tornado Live on Air – ‘Dear Jesus, Please Help Them’


On Friday night, a local meteorologist in Tupelo, Mississippi said a quick prayer for those in the way of a major tornado that ultimately killed 23 people in Amory.

While WTVA’s weatherman Matt Laubhan reported on the path of the tornado, he became overwhelmed and said a prayer for those affected in the small town of less than 7,000, as reported by Fox News Digital.

“Dear Jesus, please help them. Amen,” he said after he urged residents to get to their “tornado-safe place.”

“A strong tornado here just East of Amory,” the meteorologist observed. “Again assuming we are moving 65 mph, I would say the western few streets of Amory, we’re now less than two minutes away.”

“This is a strong life-threatening tornado that is going to move extremely close to Amory or in through the northern part of the city of Amory,” he said. “Here’s the thing about this. Y’all trust me too much.”

“I tell you where it goes and some of you are like ‘that’s where it’s going to go,’” Laubhan explained. “But the reality is that this could be changing directions.”

“We got a new scan coming in as we speak. Oh man, like north side of Amory this is coming in,” he said as he grew notably concerned and let out a heavy sigh.

Despite Laubhan’s warnings and prayers, the tornado ravaged the small town of Amory resulting in 23 individuals losing their lives.


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