TUCKER ON FIRE: Destroys Mike Pence A Second Time!


Tucker Carlson has been absolutely on fire the last two days.

I mean, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Here’s my short list of patriots we can trust right now:

Donald Trump

Kari Lake

Tucker Carlson

End of list.

Probably a few I missed, but not many.

Any you would add?

Tucker absolutely destroyed Mike Pence yesterday with this:

Actually, to be fair, that was a self-inflicted wound.

Mike Pence imploded.

But God Bless Tucker for asking the question.

Now today Tucker just destroyed him a second time.

Which immediately reminded me of Monty Python:

“Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!”

But taunt him he did.

A second time-ah.

Here is Tucker acknowledging that he basically ended Mike Pence’s career yesterday:

So good!

There are about a million clips I can show you from Tucker’s speech today.

And I will.

I will show you each one.

Because they’re all so good.

When Tucker laughs at you like this, you’re done:

The crowd absolutely loves him:

So do we!




That’s my short list.

A lot of wisdom tonight:

Huge crowd:

Hey Bill Mitchell, do you want to do a 55-tweet 3-day meltdown over this crowd?


Here is Tucker ending Asa Hutchinson:


And ending that RINO war-monger Nikki Haley:

I do too:


Thank you Simon:

Tucker even into Flat Earth:

Trump on Tucker:

And perhaps my favorite clip of the whole day:

And if not that, then it’s this:


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