UPDATE: 27 States Now Report “Heavy Military Activity”


This is a developing story that we are continuing to monitor.

We’ll keep you updated.

We first brought you the story last night as multiple reports from all over the country started to come in reporting heavy military equipment suddenly appearing in their location.

Last night we had 15 states reporting unusual heavy military activity.

Here was that report:

Reports Pouring In Online Of Military Deployments All Over USA and Canada

The reports have nearly doubled today, as a new count is up to 27 States reporting unusual heavy military activity:

Just 4 hours ago, Kim Dotcom weighed in, confirming the reports are accurate:

My friend Chuck Callesto had one of the new reports today:

Here’s a longer update:

The increased heavy military equipment is also corresponding to major Internet outages.

Per the following report, 11 States are reporting serious interruptions to the Internet:

Heck, maybe Joe Biden was right and the Storm truly is Upon Us now:

Did Joe Biden Just Confirm The Storm Is Upon Us?

Others are speculating this is the week many banks will fail, and that’s why the increased military is in place…

Wouldn’t surprise me:


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