Update On Greg Kelly Report: Chuck Grassley Says There Are 17 Recordings!


Earlier this week, we brought you this mega story from Greg Kelly:

Greg Kelly: New Audiotape With “Incontrovertible Evidence” Will Force Biden To Drop Out Of Race!

I’ll repost that entire report down below in case you missed it.

But now I want to connect a couple dots for you as a follow up.

I don’t know for sure if these two stories are connected, but that’s what we do in journalism — we dig!  We investigate!  We search for the truth and we see where that search takes us!

And I have a feeling we’re on to something here, but time will tell.

I want to take you back to statements made by Chuck Grassley in Congress about a month ago.

I bet you will remember this.

Watch this clip:

17 huh?

What an interesting number!

So are these the “audio tapes” referenced by Greg Kelly?

I can’t say for sure but it feels likely they are related, doesn’t it?

Time will tell and this story is set to break wide open in the next 30-45 days.

Just remember who told you first….

Now with that in mind, go back and read the Greg Kelly report and you tell me if what Chuck Grassley is saying fits perfectly into what Greg Kelly is saying:

Greg Kelly: New Audiotape With “Incontrovertible Evidence” Will Force Biden To Drop Out Of Race!

You know why I don’t use the word “Bombshell” much?

Because I like to reserve it for when it matters most.

And it appears that we have a BOMBSHELL Audio Tape that will drop soon.

This is all according to a new report from Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

Kelly says he has been told the audiotape exists and contains “Incontrovertible Evidence” of Joe Biden’s corruption.

He would not confirm if the tape is held by people inside or outside of government (hey, sounds like the Trump Team doesn’t it?)

He says the tape will be released to the public between Labor Day and Halloween:

He says the tape is so clear and so damning to Biden that he will be forced to drop out of the race for re-election (we told you all along — Hello Newsom).

Kelly says it will likely also force him out of the remaining time of his current “term” as Resident.

He uses the word “incriminating” many times.

There may be more than one tape.

The White House is terrified about the tape right now and scrambling to figure out how to deal with this.

Watch Kelly make the announcement here:

Backup here:

And on Rumble here:

Newsweek also covered the story:

“Biden has a big mouth and it got him into a lot of trouble, but he hasn’t seen the half of it yet,” Kelly said on Tuesday’s broadcast of Greg Kelly Reports. “There is an audio tape I am told by people in the know—not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government, I can’t say too much—but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public.

“It’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s not going to happen before Labor Day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween,” the right-wing host said, adding that he also does not know who will be releasing the tape to the public. Kelly claimed that the White House is aware of the tape’s circulation.



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