UPDATE: Reason For 911 Call Reporting Obama’s Private Chef’s Drowning Left BLANK


The Edgartown Police Department left the reason for the 911 call reporting Barack Obama’s private chef Tafari Campbell’s drowning blank, according to a new report from the Daily Mail.

Police logged the 911 call Sunday at 7:46 p.m., but didn’t list the reason.

The reason for every other call Sunday evening was given.

Daily Mail also noted the origin of the call was Wilson’s Landing, a paddle board launch site approximately two miles from the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard residence.

Police reportedly refused to identify the individual Campbell was with during the emergency.

“Police haven’t released the 911 call yet or said who made the call, but the logs also state that the call came from an address two miles away from the Obama home,” Fox News host Jesse Watters said.

Daily Mail reports:

Martha’s Vineyard police left the reason for the 911 call reporting Obama private chef Tafari Campbell’s drowning blank in official logs from the night of the accident.

Tafari, 45, fell into the water on Sunday night while paddle boarding on Great Edgartown Pond. He was not on the water alone, but police refuse to name the person he was with.

At 7.46pm, a 911 call was made to report that he had fallen in and could not make it back to the surface.

That call is noted in Edgartown Police Department’s logs, but the reason behind it is left noticeably blank. The reason for every other call for that night is given.

The origin of the call is also listed as Wilson’s Landing – a paddle board launch site, some two miles from the Obamas’ house on Turkeyland Cove, where Massachusetts State Police say the first call came from.

The property boasts a private beach from which a paddle board can be easily launched. At the time of the drowning, Barack and Michelle were out of the house.

In other reports, the Obamas clarified they were on the island at the time of Campbell’s tragic death.

From The Independent:

Massachusetts State Police said on Monday that neither the former president nor former first lady Michelle were at the home at the time of the tragedy.

However, The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama later clarified that they were in Martha’s Vineyard at the time but were just not at the home when the tragedy unfolded.

The Independent has contacted the Obamas’ office for more details.

On Sunday evening, police were called after Campbell was seen struggling in the water while paddleboarding near the former first family’s home, state police said.


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