[VIDEO] Here’s The Exact Moment When Everybody in Congress Laughed “at” Joe Biden…Not “With” Him…


Joe Biden’s State of The Union was a disaster. Once again, the “Bumbler in Chief” didn’t know what he was talking about, lied through his dentures, and made one blunder after another. He even screamed and yelled at the American people in a really frightening “dementia outburst.”


And while there were so many horrid moments during that nightmarish, senile speech, one stands out among them all. The moment that everybody in Congress actually laughed AT Joe Biden… not “with” him.

It was the moment he declared we’d need “fossil fuels” for about another 10 years or so…

Cowboy State Daily reported that Joe Biden quickly walked back a statement he made during his State of the Union address Tuesday evening that suggested the nation will eliminate all fossil fuel use in 10 years.

When he made the remark, much of the gathered members of Congress erupted in laughter.

So did Twitter.

One More Decade?

“We’re going to need oil for at least another decade,” Biden declared during his address

He then stuttered as lawmakers laughed at the remark, then the president quickly added, “And beyond that, we’re going to need it.”

The statement followed an anecdote Biden told about an oil executive questioning the wisdom of investing in domestic fossil fuel projects when Biden has been hostile to fossil fuels since before taking office. The president campaigned on a promise to “end oil and gas” and has created what many in the industry say is a negative business environment.

“’You’re going to shut down all the oil wells and all the refineries anyway, so why should we invest in them?’” Biden said, quoting the executive.

The president also made a gaffe early on in his State of the Union address when he called Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, the Senate Minority Leader.

Good lord, this man has a head full of pudding.


Here’s what people online had to say:

“Like dressing up your insane grandfather at the insane asylum, so that you can post clips on your comedy channel.”

“The man who gave 100B to Ukraine (with kickbacks) is giving economic advice. Wonder why they didn’t listen to him?”

“I remember a time when we produced our own oil, then sold the excess oil we didn’t need and became the #1 oil exporter of oil. Then it all ended with a stoke of a pen in 2021.”

“More like 110 years. you stupid old buffoon…”

Also, not to be picky, but wasn’t Joe supposed to have cured cancer by now?


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