[VIDEO] Wow, Did We Just Catch a Glimpse Of Zelensky’s “Mini Me” On Camera?


While Biden and Zelensky were in Poland, footage was captured of what appeared to be Zelensky’s little “mini-me.”

Many people saw the guy and thought he looked to be his body double, or “stand in.” Now, we all know that leaders have “doubles” or “decoys,” that’s no big shock, but we usually don’t get to see them on camera. So, that’s why this seemed rather strange. Polish TV, captured the “doppelgänger” following behind Zelensky and Biden as they exited a room and headed into a hallway. They are both dressed identical and look very similar. At the time this footage came out, we didn’t know who the man was, but it turns out that it’s Zelensky’s bodyguard.

I dunno. I’d want a bigger, beefier bodyguard, but I guess Zelensky wanted somebody who can be used a “decoy” too, which I suppose makes sense if you’re a leader, during a “war.”

What is ironic though, is that 6 months ago Zelensky was the guy telling western media outlets that Putin “might be dead” or that he was fighting off some really serious health issues, and that the Russian government was using a body double to fool the public.

Ha ha. Hmm. Well, that guy might be Zelensky’s “bodyguard,” but in that video the two of them look identical, and nobody can deny that.

And speaking of Vlad…is he on his deathbed?

No. Putin looks perfectly fine, to be honest:

Ironically, it appears that  Zelensky is the guy who’s having is people look like him. They’re always guilty of the stuff they accuse others of, aren’t they?

You can watch the video below:

You’d think will all that money we’re sending him, he could afford to actually go out and buy himself a fancy body double, and stop making his body guard dress up like him.


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