WATCH: Biden Struggles To Put On Shirt And Yells At Crowd


Joe Biden made a pit stop at Belvidere, Illinois, to visit the United Auto Workers (UAW) after union workers decided to reopen the plant after a strike.

While Biden was on stage, he was given a shirt where he attempted to put it on.

After a grueling 20 seconds and some help from a UAW member, Biden finally put the shirt on.

Watch the video here:

Once he got on stage, Biden attempted to motivate the crowd with another one of his boring speeches.

In a bizarre twist, during the middle of his speech, Biden yelled out of nowhere.

Watch it here:

Some were quick to point out that this behavior may signify Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Or maybe Biden was just trying to wake up the sleepy crowd!

During his speech, a young activist yelled at Biden, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

Watch here:


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