WATCH: Mark Levin Destroys Soros-Funded District Attorney’s Case Against Trump – ‘This Thing Isn’t a Crime!’


On Sunday, Fox News host Mark Levin took to ‘Fox & Friends’ to decimate the case against 45th President Donald Trump. He explained the legal maneuvering of the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) and declared that ‘this thing isn’t a crime.’

Levin began the segment by quoting a passage from Frederic Bastiat’s ‘The Law’ which reads, “The law perverted and the police powers of the state perverted along with it, the law they say not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose, the law becomes the weapon of every kind of greed. Instead of checking crime the law itself is guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish.”

“When the people lose faith in the law, the country is done. The people are losing faith in the law because the Democrat Party, Democrat prosecutors, Soros prosecutors want them to lose faith in the law,” Levin said. “Their whole goal is to destroy the civil society and the morality that undergirds it. That is the mission of the Democrat Party. How many times have they gone after this man Donald Trump? What exactly has he done to deserve this? Why are they studying his life like they are studying an archaeological site? Why are they looking for novel legal theories to go after the man? Why are they trying to turn the law upside down?”

He then went on to explain that the statute of limitations in New York is two years for a misdemeanor and five years for a felony which would mean that the supposed crime, which took place in 2016, would be far past the allotted time period given that it is over seven years later.

“The Southern District of New York, the U.S. Attorney’s Office looked at it and said there is no federal crime here,” he said, adding, “And there isn’t. How do we know that? Because this was tried against John Edwards and that case was lost.”

Levin then turned to explain the case in more laymen’s terms saying, “This is not hush money. These are non-disclosure agreements. Companies, individuals, and divorce parties enter into non-disclosure agreements 10,000 a day probably all across this country. How much do you have to bet the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has entered into a non-disclosure agreement? How much do you want to bet that the FBI, the Justice Department, and the U.S. Attorney have entered into non-disclosure agreements? How much do you want to bet that these news operations covering it, like MSNBC, NBC, and the rest, have entered into a non-disclosure agreement?”

“There is nothing illegal about non-disclosure agreements. The reason you have a non-disclosure agreement, whether it’s severance or something, is you’re telling people to keep your big mouth shut and in exchange for that we will take care of you. That’s not a crime. it is what it is. It’s a contract.”

“What is this D.A. doing?” he asked,” Why do they keep looking at it? Well because it was paid for by a third entity that used corporate money. So what? Who cares? He didn’t pay for it out of his campaign. Donald Trump. So there’s no question of the misuse of campaign dollars. Here’s what they are saying: They’re saying okay the misdemeanor statute of limitations has run, state felony statute of limitations has run. We can’t make a felony case anyway because it’s not a felony.”

“We have to have an underlying obstruction so we’ll look at federal law which is not even the jurisdiction of a local D.A. and federal law says what? Federal law says you can’t expend money, campaign law, for the purpose of influencing an election of this sort this way,” he stated. “But what else does it say? However, if that money is used and it has other purposes as well….then it’s not a crime.”

“So this thing isn’t a crime from the process, from the substance, in state law, in federal law. What is happening here is they’re using the law the way they are using the Constitution,” he explained. “To try to destroy the law and to destroy the Constitution. What would you expect from a radical left-wing legal bomb-thrower who’s inserted into this position by George Soros? Notice how they are all Democrat investigators and they are all Democrat jurisdictions. New York City, Atlanta, Washington D.C., I mean this is outrageous.”

Levin then went on to expose the various other cases against President Trump including the classified documents case and January 6th.


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