Matt Gaetz Says It’s Time to “Turn Up The Heat” on Patrick McHenry (VIDEO)


Many popular GOP Congressmen are calling out their RINO colleagues to schedule an election and support Jim Jordan for Speaker of The House, warning that Republicans may lose the speakership to the Democrat Nominee due to RINO opposition.

Ironically, the same RINOs who warned before McCarthy was ousted that we might have a Democrat speaker are the same people holding out on voting for the Republican Nominee.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) won the GOP nomination for Speaker of The House on Friday, beating out Steve Scalise ally Austin Scott of Georgia. However, 55 RINOs pledged not to vote for Jordan in the Speaker election. They would rather have a RINO continue to sell out our country.

This could lead to a victory for radical Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, says Rep. Thomas Massie, who warned that the GOP could lose control of the House if they do not “unite behind Jim Jordan as our Speaker of the House.”

Rep. Dan Bishop joined his colleagues and called Republicans who do not support Jim Jordan as the GOP Nominee for Speaker “the swampiest pieces of the Republican Conference.”

On Saturday, Breitbart reported,

“It’s been an important evolution within the Republican Conference,” Bishop told host Matt Boyle. “Jim Jordan receiving the nomination of the Republican Party is an important breakthrough.”

“It has been apparent to me for some time, and I think it is slowly resolving into clarity for everybody that Jim Jordan of Ohio — everybody knows him across the country, been a tremendous warrior for conservative causes — he is the person who can bring together … sort of a fusion candidate to bring together the interests and the various pieces of the Republican Conference that have been that have had a hard time getting together and deciding a path forward.”

Bishop acknowledged there are holdouts but does not believe that number is as high as the media and others have portrayed.

Importantly, he sees a path forward for appeasing holdouts, saying, “I think that’ll get resolved over the weekend in large part, and then we may go to the floor without everyone on board.

“But it is, frankly, the faction that will be resisting, if there are any by the time we go to the floor, probably Tuesday, it will be the swampiest pieces of the Republican Conference. And I think that’s going to give way.

Matt Gaetz later called Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry out on X Sunday, calling for an election for House Speaker immediately and “no more swampy closed-door struggle sessions.” This was after the House was in recess on Saturday and Sunday and scheduled to be in recess on Monday.

Rep. Andy Biggs agrees, “It’s time for a floor vote!” “What are we waiting for?” Biggs asked.

Rep. Neal Dunn and Senator Mike Lee also joined the calls for the GOP to unite and elect Jim Jordan as speaker of the House.

Recall that bowtie man Patrick McHenry was so triggered over McCarthy’s removal that he slammed the gavel down in his temper tantrum.

Gaetz further appeared recently in an interview with Newsmax. He posted the clip on X, saying, “After Jim Jordan was elected Speaker-Designate on Friday, Speaker Pro Tem @PatrickMcHenry made us take Saturday off, Sunday off, and now MONDAY OFF! The Swamp is trying to delay a vote on the House floor as long as possible, hoping conservatives will move backward to Kevin McCarthy. The American people want to move FORWARD to Speaker Jim Jordan!” Watch below:

Gaetz: I don’t really understand why trying to move the House into a more conservative position, trying to get a more conservative House speaker would draw the ire of conservatives. Frankly, I’ve received a lot more praise from my constituents in Florida than I have criticism, but it’s not really about that. It’s about getting the house back to work. And I’ve got to share with you some troubling news that we just learned. After having elected Jim Jordan of Ohio, the House Speaker-designate, on Friday, we took Saturday off, we’re taking today off, and I’ve just learned that Pro Tem Patrick McHenry will now ensure that we take Monday off, and we don’t vote. I am here in Washington. We are meeting with our colleagues. My colleague, Cory Mills, came back from Israel, where he was engaging in harrowing rescues, to be here to elect Jim Jordan for Speaker. But what the swamp is trying to do, they’re trying to delay a vote for Jim Jordan because they know he is not beholden to the lobbyists and special interests here. So I’m in this interview with you to turn up the heat on Patrick McHenry and any Republican who would try to delay a floor vote on Jim Jordan. If they don’t want to vote for him, Let them do it in public. I’m tired of these closed-door private struggle sessions that House Republicans have been having. Instead, we need to move to the vote and let the chips fall where they may.


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