WATCH: Senator Grassley Destroys Schumer’s Anti-Trump Resolution, Blasts The Politicization Of The FBI In Rousing Speech


When Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced his intent to introduce a resolution that denounced “the former president’s [Trump’s] call to cut funding to our federal law enforcement” which would make senators “choose between standing with President Trump …or will they stand with public servants who keep America safe”, he probably did not expect the response from Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IO). In a 9-minute speech on the Senate floor, Senator Grassley denounced the resolution, noted the anti-police conduct by Democrats back in 2020, and defended Trump’s stance on the FBI’s politicization.

The Hawkeye State Republican began by noting the Majority Leader’s previous comment about his intention to introduce the said resolution. Grassley noted that Schumer pitched this resolution “as purporting to support law enforcement” but that “in 2020 defund the police became the rallying cry of the radical left.” He recalled that “every day for the next two years officers reported to duty despite a campaign saying that they did not deserve money for even bulletproof vests. 1,146 of those officers died protecting Americans. I don’t remember Democrats taking to this floor to defend law enforcement back then.”

Senator Grassley noted that far from just doing nothing about the calls for defunding police, Democrats blocked resolutions that condemned assaults against police officers. He proceeded to list out the difficulties that police officers had to face due to this demoralizing anti-police policy and sentiment by the left. He took note of the fact that due to said policies, Democratic-controlled cities “descended into crime.” Grassley then asked, “Why does the FBI seem to matter more than state and local [police] officers?”

The 89-year-old politico emphasized that his support and his party’s support for law enforcement, whether at the local or federal level, was clear. Grassley then asked, “Where have our Democrat colleagues been with respect to the blatant political bias in the leadership of the FBI and the Department of Justice?” He proceeded to list example after example of such conduct and lack of proper readdress ranging from the failure to investigate violent assaults over the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, the labeling of Catholics as extremists by the FBI, the selective prosecution of pro-life advocates, and the weaponization of the FBI through its shielding of Biden and his family against Congressional investigation.

Senator Grassley even noted that Senator Schumer was part of the cover-up operation for Biden as Schumer alongside other Democrats sent a letter to the FBI that “targeted the Grassley-Johnson Biden family investigation to try to falsely tie it to Russian disinformation” and how the FBI acted based on that letter. Grassley noted his investigation into this family had unearthed that “the FBI had within its possession very significant, very impactful, very voluminous evidence with respect to the potential criminal conduct by members of the Biden family.”

Yet, based on whistleblower allegations that Grassley received such evidence “was falsely labeled [by the FBI]…as Russian disinformation [in order] to bury it.”
The Republican lawmaker noted that no one in the FBI or Department of Justice had challenged the accuracy of this revelation. He noted that “they can’t [challenge it] because my staff has independently reviewed records to support the allegations.”

He ended his speech by saying that “So, let’s not kid ourselves right here and right now as we’re talking about a resolution to back law enforcement. The facts bear out that it’s our Democratic colleagues who have consistently used federal law enforcement to their political benefit and, in the process, they’ve degraded the trust the American people once placed in federal law enforcement. Accordingly, this resolution offered by my Democratic colleagues wreaks of political gamesmanship. It is not a serious effort. Let’s truly honor the heroes in law enforcement and the daily sacrifices they make for the American people by offering more than a tone-deaf political resolution that further divides the country.”

The full speech can be viewed below:


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